Sierra Nevada Mortgage is one of the oldest and most respected Mortgage Companies in Las Vegas, with more than 20 years of continuous operation starting with our founder, the Late Frank C. Pomanto and continuing with Manager and President, James Hollingsworth. Corporate headquarters are located at 4224 W. Charleston Blvd. near the corner of Charleston and Arville. in Downtown Las Vegas. Specializing in Vacant land and light commercial lending using private placement money, SNM has carved a unique niche in the Las Vegas Lending community, one of honesty, fairness, and integrity. SNM counts, among past and present customers, many local business men, builders, and entrepreneurs who have at various times been both borrowers and investors with SNM. Over time the products and services of SNM have evolved to meet changing markets, with the result being SNM's transition to full service lending. Our customers now have access to a wide range of lending services including land loans, commercial development, residential construction, home equity, and 30 year conventional mortgages, as well as an open market in which to buy and sell Deeds of Trust, or obtain financing using such instruments for collateral. In addition to these activities, SNM provides the opportunity for private investors to place their money in our loans, and collect monthly interest payments in amounts ranging from 11% to 15%. For more information on these programs visit our Trust Deed FAQs page or our Investor's Corner and start working on your retirement today.

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